Moonshae Isles

Blinded by the Light

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1 Highsun 1492 DR

  • Party defeated Specters in spite of being blinded by radiant light.
  • Tray had to call upon his god for intervention in order to save them
  • Tray lost the use of his Lay on Hands ability until he created a small temple in Caer Callidyr
  • Party retrieved the Scales and also six rubies (50 GP each)
  • Returning to the surface, they are met by Lillian who heals their wounds only after being convinced by Tak that it is the right thing to do.
  • Lillian casts the remove curse on Tak and Trey.

    • They remember successfully rescuing the king's son, Moddoc, from the Viceroy of Snowden and escaping on a merchant vessel.
    • The ship was attacked by pirates and everyone was taken prisoner.
    • Captain Agador of the pirate ship Adventure treated everyone well and only took part of the goods onboard, but once he learned who Moddoc was, he decided to keep him and deliver him to the highest bidder. He also decided to keep Ned Stormhaven as a temporary replacement for crew killed by the party during the boarding party combat.
    • The Adventure's first mate, Mister Sweet, used a strangely fashioned staff, given to him by the Gnomes of Steam, to wipe the memories of all onboard the merchant ship.
    • Lillian explains that the Gnomes of Steam are technologists who were banished from the realms for the use of their technologies. They are now gnomads that roam from one location to another.
  • The party discusses their options around the morning campfire.


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