Moonshae Isles

Beastly Displacement

Mei Mei's spider sense is tingling

1 Highsun 1492 DR

2 Highsun 1492 DR

4 Highsun 1492 DR

The crew of the Freedom are astonished to see an island in a usually open sea. Mei Mei convinces Captain Drummer that the island is part of their quest to reclaim the lost temples of the Earthmother. The captain delivers the party to the island, promising to return in half a tenday, which as Cordo pointed out, is five days.

After noticing that there's a large temple at the top of the highest hill on the island, the party make their way to the temple, only to be attacked for no reason by a strange panther-like creature with two spiked tentacles.


JMyers JMyers

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