The fight against the goblin forces in the Dernall Forest was going well until recently, when they say the Great Druid Antola Pilark simply disappeared. Since then, the goblin forces have made headway in retaking the forest.


The High King and his Queen continue to be devastated by the taking of their son, Owaren, by the Viceroy of Snowdown, Lady Erliza Daressin. Every attempt to retrieve him made by Darid's forces has been rebuffed, and the Queen rarely leaves her chambers anymore out of grief.


All attempts by the High King to reach an accord with the Fey Queen of Gwennyth have failed. While the fey monarch is courteous, she refuses to let Derid even attempt to re-establish his ancestral home at Caer Corwell.


Since the former leader of the wild Northlanders, known to her followers as the Storm Maiden, was lost at sea, Derid has had good luck reforming a connection with their new leader, Rault the Wise. An alliance between the Ffolk and the Northlanders would be welcome news to humans throughout the Moonshae Isles – and bad news for their enemies.


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