Moonshae Isles

Beastly Displacement
Mei Mei's spider sense is tingling

1 Highsun 1492 DR

2 Highsun 1492 DR

4 Highsun 1492 DR

The crew of the Freedom are astonished to see an island in a usually open sea. Mei Mei convinces Captain Drummer that the island is part of their quest to reclaim the lost temples of the Earthmother. The captain delivers the party to the island, promising to return in half a tenday, which as Cordo pointed out, is five days.

After noticing that there's a large temple at the top of the highest hill on the island, the party make their way to the temple, only to be attacked for no reason by a strange panther-like creature with two spiked tentacles.

Blinded by the Light
Wow, totally forgot about that

1 Highsun 1492 DR

  • Party defeated Specters in spite of being blinded by radiant light.
  • Tray had to call upon his god for intervention in order to save them
  • Tray lost the use of his Lay on Hands ability until he created a small temple in Caer Callidyr
  • Party retrieved the Scales and also six rubies (50 GP each)
  • Returning to the surface, they are met by Lillian who heals their wounds only after being convinced by Tak that it is the right thing to do.
  • Lillian casts the remove curse on Tak and Trey.

    • They remember successfully rescuing the king's son, Moddoc, from the Viceroy of Snowden and escaping on a merchant vessel.
    • The ship was attacked by pirates and everyone was taken prisoner.
    • Captain Agador of the pirate ship Adventure treated everyone well and only took part of the goods onboard, but once he learned who Moddoc was, he decided to keep him and deliver him to the highest bidder. He also decided to keep Ned Stormhaven as a temporary replacement for crew killed by the party during the boarding party combat.
    • The Adventure's first mate, Mister Sweet, used a strangely fashioned staff, given to him by the Gnomes of Steam, to wipe the memories of all onboard the merchant ship.
    • Lillian explains that the Gnomes of Steam are technologists who were banished from the realms for the use of their technologies. They are now gnomads that roam from one location to another.
  • The party discusses their options around the morning campfire.
Wrongteous Behavior
The Vault of Pallon the Pious

Shieldmeet 1492 DR

  • Dropped off lousy pirate and the incredible Dulk at guardhouse
  • Ate breakfast at Safe Passage and talked about mysterious memory loss
  • Cordo takes party to the "Foodcourt of the Gods"
  • Lillian, Priestess of Selune, agrees to cast remove curse if the party retrieves an item from a nearby vault
  • Reached the Vault of Pallon the Pious, but had to wait until dark because Mei Mei's amulet only shines at night
  • Gave blood to the door – except for Cordo smiley
  • Tak found a secret door that led to a round room with zombies
  • Tray destroyed a zombie with a mighty blow
  • Cordo fumbled
  • Mei Mei deciphered a message
  • Each player was compelled to confess a secret

    • Tray once left his young friend, secretly his brother, in the forest alone
    • Mei Mei snitched on her uncle to the mob
    • Tak gave his favorite professor laxatives while trying to play a prank on a schoolmate
    • Cordo led a group into the forest and left them there in return for gold from their enemies
The Midsummer Festival
A Regretable Gift of Chili

Midsummer 1492 DR

While Taklinn Drokill recovered from a bout of hyper-festivity, the remainder of the heroes woke to discover that the owner of the Safe Passage, Nathaniel Stormhaven, had returned from his travels. While friendly and gracious, Stormhaven is a man who has seen much in his years, and appears to be much more serious than his jovial son, Ned. After a bit of breakfast, the heroes set forth upon the festival.

Anticipating the going might get tough, the heroes went shopping. Trael and Cordo purchased a couple of healing potions, and Mei Mei was able to find a new set of robes that were reminiscent of her homeland of Shou.

The heroes were drawn into a crowd a festival goers who had gathered to witness an open match of combatants who would dare to face a giant humanoid known as Dulk, the incredible. The huckster, Bruch Ba' Nar, sought challengers from the audience and both Cordo and Mei Mei quickly volunteered. Cordo faced a Northlander who was quite a match for the mighty ranger, but at the very end, Cordo was able reverse the Northlander's hold and hurl him into the crowd for the win. The crowd laughed when young Mei Mei faced off against a massive half-orc, but that laughter soon turned to cheers as she efficiently used his great size against him and won the match. Eventually, Cordo and Mei Mei faced each other in the ring, and while the pair struggled mightily, Mei Mei found the inspiration to finally best her friend the ranger and move on to the ultimate opponent, the incredible Dulk. While Mei Mei stood diminutively beneath the towering Dulk, she put up a valiant effort and nearly bested her much larger and stronger foe; however, it was the Dulk who finally stood alone in the ring. Mei Mei had lost the match but had won the hearts of the crowd, much to the ire of Bruch Ba' Nar and the Dulk. [134 XP]

Both Cordo and Mei Mei entered the archery contest that was held at midday. Mei Mei proved to be a quick learner. With a little help from Cordo, Mei Mei performed admirably using the bow that she borrowed from Trael, but eventually both she and Cordo were bested by the great skill of Naesala Wyngella, the green-eyed elven woman whom they had recently escorted from the Dernall Forest along with the noble Myrddin Miramaris.

The hungry hungry heroes proceeded to sample some of the chili from the chili cook off and Mei Mei sought out the very worst that Caer Callidyrr had to offer. Of special interest was a couple of recipes that used a rare spice that apparently is only available from a particular island in the Korrinn Archipelago. The spiced chili was so popular that it nearly started a riot as fair goers pushed each other to get more. Just when it appeared that the situation might turn to violence, Trael stepped forth and calmed the crowd, who dispersed peacefully at the request of the golden-eyed individual, who seemed to be a natural leader. [167 XP]

Mei Mei looked for Unferth, so that she could give him the horrible chili prior to the storytelling event in hopes that it would create an explosive ending to the sour dwarf's tale, but she could not find the bard until just before the event. After offering the unsuspecting dwarf the gift of the horrible and potentially explosive chili, Unferth revealed that he had visited Taklinn on his sick bed, and had provided his hated rival with some soup and Dwarvish fellowship. "I hate his guts, but he's a worthy adversary and you don't find those every tenday," said the dwarf as he prepared to get on stage. Mei Mei quickly reconsidered the gift of chili and "accidentally" spilled the toxic sludge onto the ground.

Unferth told the dramatic tale of the retreat of the Rustfire clan as they fought the Unseelie forces of Sarifal. The dwarves were driven through the forest of Winterglen until they reached the Taeya Bog. Finally, the dwarves fled through the Tunnels of Dwarvenhome, into the kingdom of Alaron, where they currently fight alongside the Rookoath clan, as they seek to regain the Fairheight Range from the control of the forces of shadow. While he told a moving tale of battle and loss, the audience wasn't overly appreciative of his telling.

Aired, a half-elven bard, who Trael had met a tenday earlier, told a tale of the elf Queen Titania, also known as the Summer Queen. It was said that she could ripen crops with a smile, and that her frown would start the wildfires of summer. She is one of the strongest and most ancient of the Archfey, and is the ruler of the Summer Court. The crowd sat quietly enraptured as the skillful bard told his tale while playing a beautiful melody on his harp.

Unwilling to allow Taklinn's name to be reckoned with the no-shows, Trael took the stage and told an epic tale of adventure of the Order of the Gleaming Night. This long lost story of bravery and sacrifice was a bit hit with the audience and other storytellers alike.

While Trael did not win first prize, an honor which was awarded to Aired, Trael was given a ribbon for telling the second best tale of the evening. [33 XP]

The party returned briefly to make sure that Unferth hadn't murdered Taklinn in his sleep, but found that Unferth had indeed visited his rival and brought him some soup. He also apparently wrote obscenities on his face while he was sleeping. The party couldn't bear to mention it to their friend and so they clean up Taklinn without mentioning Unferth's prank.

Having been notified earlier by Naesala, that Myrddin wished an late night audience with the heroes in the courtyard of the castle, the group set out the King's Gardens. Myrddin had not known of the abduction of the King's eight-year old son, Moddoc, by the Lady Erliza Daressin. This explained why the King had not done more to move against the increasing Amnian forces with the Moonshaes. Snowdown had already fallen. Could Alaron be far behind? Also, the was no sign of representation by the dwarves of the FairHeight Mountains. Are they so overwhelmed that they cannot spare an envoy? Has the fight against the unseelie forces of the Great Gark occupied the King's forces to the point that he cannot aid his allies to the north?

During this discussion, Trael remembered that he had once been on a mission to recover Moddoc, but couldn't seen to recall any details about the outcome of that mission. It was as if it had been wiped from his mind. The party vows to investigate this, and if possible, to journey to Kythyss, the southernmost city in Alaron, where Amnish forces threaten to take over as they have in Snowdown.

On their way back to the Safe Passage, someone ran by and quickly snatched an item from Cordo and ran off into an alley. The heroes pursued the thief but soon found that they had been led into an ambush. The pirate captain from whom they had most recently taken the Silver Chalice had a score to settle. "Because of you, my men lost confidence in me and I lost my ship!" he cried angrily. "And it appears I am not the only enemy you've made recently." Out of the shadows moved a massive figure. It was the incredible Dulk and his handler, Bruch Ba' Nar, who was on a nearby rooftop with a crossbow. The battle was short but fierce. Trael took the opportunity to first bless the party while Mei Mei and Cordo sprung into action. Mei Mei concentrated on the pirate captain while Bruch attempted to shoot her from above. In an amazing display of reflexes, Mei Mei caught one of the bolts as it hurtled towards her and flung it back at her attacker, injuring him with his own projectile. Meanwhile, Cordo and Trael made short work of their giant foe, sparing him in the end. Bruch retreated into the night once his mountainous champion had been defeated, and the heroes took the pirate and the unconscious titan into custody. [334 XP]


The Silver Chalice
The Wrath of the Port Authority

30 Flamerule 1492 DR

Tasked with escorting the Elven ambassadors of the Dernall Forest to Caer Callidyr, our adventurers lit a signal fire at the Cairn of Dalorgrod Nobleaxe, as they were instructed by Chancellor Failenn. While the signal fire did successfully announce their presence to the elves, it also alerted the forces of the Great Gark. Luckily, our heroes were warned of the coming attack by Cordo's forest creature friends, and were able to quickly dispatch the goblin attackers. [125 XP]

Greeted by Rhys and Naesala, the party was escorted deep into the Dernall Forest to a tree dwelling where the elves receive visitors. The leader of the elves, Myrddin Miramaris, was initially insulted to receive such a late invitation from the king, but was intrigued by the story of the first escort and their demise at the hand of a group that was trying to appear as goblins. 

Mei Mei noticed that Rhys wore a token from her homeland and was astonished to learn the name of the master she has been seeking for so many months. Pao Lun was last seen in the company of the Great Druid and was seeking a long lost tome of knowledge that was rumored to be somewhere in the Moonshae Isles.

After a great deal of talking and playing elven croquet, the party accompanied the trio of elves on the long but safe road to Caer Callidyrr. A journey that took days on the road through the Feywild took only moments in the material plane. The heroes successfully lead the elves to the castle of the king. [150 XP]

Upon their arrival, the heroes were escorted to a chamber deep within the king's castle. There the learned of the theft of the silver chalice of High Queen Alicia Kendrick, who united the island kingdoms years ago. The chalice is a traditional symbol of unity from which the gathered leaders of the land drink from during Shieldmeet. The chalice was taken from an enchanted vault that can only be opened by the direct descendants of the high queen. The guard was killed by an arcane bolt. Failenn asked the heroes for their help once again in the recovery of the chalice, in spite of the harsh dwarven tongue of Taklinn Drokill. Trael used his holy senses and detected an odd mix of fey and diabolic magic.

Seeking the guidance of Gilmami Lavabender, a local silversmith and member of the Harpers. The heroes learned that the chalice had been taken to a ship preparing to leave the harbor. Thinking quickly, the heroes disguised themselves as agents of the port authority and boarded the vessel. While Taklinn and the others distracted and confused the pirates, Trael stealthily went below decks where he found the silver chalice on the captain's table. Carefully, Trael snatched the chalice without waking the nearby sleeping maiden and quickly rejoined his party. With a final flourish of bravado, the heroes made their exit, but Trael again sensed that strange lingering energy.

The chalice was returned to the castle, [150 XP] and a thankful Chancellor Failenn awarded the party a sack of 200 GP for their services to the kingdom.


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