Moonshae Isles

Wrongteous Behavior

The Vault of Pallon the Pious

Shieldmeet 1492 DR

  • Dropped off lousy pirate and the incredible Dulk at guardhouse
  • Ate breakfast at Safe Passage and talked about mysterious memory loss
  • Cordo takes party to the "Foodcourt of the Gods"
  • Lillian, Priestess of Selune, agrees to cast remove curse if the party retrieves an item from a nearby vault
  • Reached the Vault of Pallon the Pious, but had to wait until dark because Mei Mei's amulet only shines at night
  • Gave blood to the door – except for Cordo smiley
  • Tak found a secret door that led to a round room with zombies
  • Tray destroyed a zombie with a mighty blow
  • Cordo fumbled
  • Mei Mei deciphered a message
  • Each player was compelled to confess a secret

    • Tray once left his young friend, secretly his brother, in the forest alone
    • Mei Mei snitched on her uncle to the mob
    • Tak gave his favorite professor laxatives while trying to play a prank on a schoolmate
    • Cordo led a group into the forest and left them there in return for gold from their enemies


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