Moonshae Isles

The Silver Chalice

The Wrath of the Port Authority

30 Flamerule 1492 DR

Tasked with escorting the Elven ambassadors of the Dernall Forest to Caer Callidyr, our adventurers lit a signal fire at the Cairn of Dalorgrod Nobleaxe, as they were instructed by Chancellor Failenn. While the signal fire did successfully announce their presence to the elves, it also alerted the forces of the Great Gark. Luckily, our heroes were warned of the coming attack by Cordo's forest creature friends, and were able to quickly dispatch the goblin attackers. [125 XP]

Greeted by Rhys and Naesala, the party was escorted deep into the Dernall Forest to a tree dwelling where the elves receive visitors. The leader of the elves, Myrddin Miramaris, was initially insulted to receive such a late invitation from the king, but was intrigued by the story of the first escort and their demise at the hand of a group that was trying to appear as goblins. 

Mei Mei noticed that Rhys wore a token from her homeland and was astonished to learn the name of the master she has been seeking for so many months. Pao Lun was last seen in the company of the Great Druid and was seeking a long lost tome of knowledge that was rumored to be somewhere in the Moonshae Isles.

After a great deal of talking and playing elven croquet, the party accompanied the trio of elves on the long but safe road to Caer Callidyrr. A journey that took days on the road through the Feywild took only moments in the material plane. The heroes successfully lead the elves to the castle of the king. [150 XP]

Upon their arrival, the heroes were escorted to a chamber deep within the king's castle. There the learned of the theft of the silver chalice of High Queen Alicia Kendrick, who united the island kingdoms years ago. The chalice is a traditional symbol of unity from which the gathered leaders of the land drink from during Shieldmeet. The chalice was taken from an enchanted vault that can only be opened by the direct descendants of the high queen. The guard was killed by an arcane bolt. Failenn asked the heroes for their help once again in the recovery of the chalice, in spite of the harsh dwarven tongue of Taklinn Drokill. Trael used his holy senses and detected an odd mix of fey and diabolic magic.

Seeking the guidance of Gilmami Lavabender, a local silversmith and member of the Harpers. The heroes learned that the chalice had been taken to a ship preparing to leave the harbor. Thinking quickly, the heroes disguised themselves as agents of the port authority and boarded the vessel. While Taklinn and the others distracted and confused the pirates, Trael stealthily went below decks where he found the silver chalice on the captain's table. Carefully, Trael snatched the chalice without waking the nearby sleeping maiden and quickly rejoined his party. With a final flourish of bravado, the heroes made their exit, but Trael again sensed that strange lingering energy.

The chalice was returned to the castle, [150 XP] and a thankful Chancellor Failenn awarded the party a sack of 200 GP for their services to the kingdom.


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